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Name: Davene

Rank: Author / Housewife

University: KU Leuven - BA in Theology & Religious Studies

Born: South Africa

Citizen: Belgium

Resident: U.S.A.


Mini Bio:  


I am a published Cyberpunk Author & querying Sci-Fi Fantasy Writer.

Extended Bio:

Prior to Davene LG becoming a collaborator of the Arc City Stories Anthology, she had a poem published in Away With Words: Inspirations from Europe edited by Claire Tupholme. She also wrote 95 editions, over the span of two years, as a Columnist for Navneet Newshouse located in Mumbai, India. Her decision to write novels did not stem from but was inspired by her husband and the film Arrival (2016) directed by Denis Villeneuve. When she is not writing, you can find her tweeting, cooking, singing, dancing, inventing, drawing, and more.

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*Credit for the background design of the promotional banner goes to J. L. Aarne.

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