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Name: Davene

Rank: Author / Housewife

University: KU Leuven - BA in Theology & Religious Studies

Born: South Africa

Citizen: Belgium

Resident: U.S.A.


Mini Bio:  


I am a published Cyberpunk Author & Poet,

a published Science Fiction and Fantasy Author.

My husband, and the film Arrival (2016) directed by Denis Villeneuve, inspired me to write and publish novels.

A collaborator on the Adult, Cyberpunk Anthology, Arc City Stories, published by BLKDOG Publishing. (Wrote the short story Broadcast 2220.)

Self-published an Adult, Cyberpunk poetry book, The Cyber Punk: Ready-2-Play?, using Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing. (30 poems written in 7 days challenge.)

15th Dec 2019

12th July 2020



Wrote 95 editions, over the span of 2 years, as a Columnist for Navneet Newshouse located in Mumbai, India.

Poem published in Away With Words: Inspirations from Europe edited by Claire Tupholme.

31st July 2007

Oct 2020


Lead Writer of the Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology, The Theater of Nok-Mondu, self-published using Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing. (Wrote the short stories The Spherical Realms and Penumbra and Luster.)

12th Feb 2021


~ ~ ~   Even Storms Can't Crush Mustard Seeds   ~ ~ ~


Arc City Stories
The Cyber Punk
The Theater of Nok-Mondu

*Credit for the background design of the promotional banner for Arc City Stories goes to J. L. Aarne, and credit for the Book Cover design goes to BLKDOG Publishing.

*Credit for the Book Cover design of The Cyber Punk goes to The Mark.

*Credit for the background design of the promotional banner and the Book Cover design for The Theater of Nok-Mondu goes to Vixydesign.

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